• 4 April 2023



Natura Vitalis has developed "Premium Multi Formula". This is a multi-vital product consisting of numerous vital substances.

Vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, amino acids, secondary plant substances, etc. are vital bio-materials that the body needs every day to maintain health. Without vital substances we would neither be able to perform nor survive. Even a deficiency can have serious consequences. "Therefore, it is important that we permanently supply ourselves with the necessary vital substances on a natural basis. This should happen as efficiently as possible," says Frank Felte, founder and owner of Natura Vitalis, one of the best-known and leading manufacturers of natural vital substances and food supplements in Germany (www.naturavitalis.de). The company is based in Essen and places the highest value on continuous further and new developments of health products on a scientific basis.

To achieve this goal, Natura Vitalis has developed "Premium Multi Formula". Behind this is a multi-vital product consisting of numerous different, vital vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, carotenoids, bioflavonoids and herbs. "We paid particular attention to three principles. One of them: All ingredients in 'Premium Multi Formula' are orthomolecular, i.e. highly dosed. This distinguishes our new product considerably from many other multi-vital products. Most products are only based on the low minimum recommendations of the German Society for Nutrition and thus only compensate for deficiencies. We, on the other hand, focus on giving the body a real energy and health boost - with the substances and in the dosages it really needs," emphasises Frank Felte.

As a high-dose vital substance product, "Premium Multi Formula" follows the approach of the US chemist and two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, the founder of so-called orthomolecular medicine. In Pauling's understanding, a biochemical imbalance in the body leads to disease. This imbalance can be corrected by adding high doses of natural vital substances. It is therefore a matter of maintaining good health and treating diseases by positively changing the concentration of substances that are normally present in the body and are necessary for maintaining health.

Frank Felte is particularly proud of one aspect that sounds incredible at first. "The product even makes the user bioavailable. Every second German citizen is now over-acidified, and acidic cells have a positive voltage. However, many vital substances are also positively charged. Therefore they repel each other, the vital substances cannot enter the cells as they want and should. Thus, a supply of all important bio-substances is almost impossible as long as the body is

Bioavailability is a measure of the proportion of an active substance that is available unchanged in the bloodstream. It indicates how much of the orally absorbed bio-substances can actually be used in the organism, i.e. how quickly and to what extent a substance is absorbed and is available unchanged at the site of action. "The higher the bioavailability, the better the effect of the vital substances in the body. If the bioavailability is low, many important substances are simply excreted again without being able to unfold their positive effect," explains Frank Felte. In addition, only those vital substances are used from the outset that have the highest bioavailability in their respective group anyway.

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